LUXCHILAS: Women Who Empower Women

LUXCHILAS, which stands for Luxury Mochilas, is an Ethnic Handbag and Accessories brand from Colombia.

We are known worldwide for our famous Luxury Wayuu Mochila Bags. We offer limited edition collections of our one-of-a-kind mochilas.

Now we work with two more indigenous tribes and offer beautiful collections of iraca palm straw baskets and chaquira beaded earrings.

This company is changing lives of women from the Wayuu, Mocana and Embera Tribes, through empowerment, continuous work and fair prices.

Respecting the traditional geometrical patterns from the Wayuu Tribe, our bucket style mochilas are intervened at our urban studio.

This embellishment with crystals and leather fringes is made by a group of single moms head of their household.

Same happens with the Mocana and Embera Tribe, we respect their traditions but work hand in hand with the artisans to create unique and modern pieces.

After the sales, we donate part of the proceeds to feed the children of the Wayuu Tribe and to supply other needs they have.

Are you ready to live the LUXCHILAS Experience?