Artisanal Luxury That Gives Back

Elevated Craftsmanship

Luxchilas, which stands for Luxury Mochilas, is a socially conscious handmade accessories brand. For almost a decade we have been changing lives of Colombian native indigenous artisans, helping them to thrive through empowerment, continuous work and fair prices.

At Luxchilas we aim to be an ethical and sustainable fashion brand with a philanthropic heart. We believe in selling more than fashion accessories, because behind every product there is a story and a strong, courageous, treasured woman working for a better future.

Our artisans weave each timeless piece using ancestral techniques that have been passed from generation to generation. Their talent and expertise combined with modern concepts and materials, have allowed us to elevate their craft. Each piece is carefully made by hand, with love, dedication and sharp skills, paying special attention to quality and detail.

We co-design our accessories with the artisans and our products show the wonders of renowned Colombian craftsmanship to the world. Through this wonderful synergy, we have managed to preserve the artisans’ heritage while still being able to rethink and redefine some of their traditional items. This connection with the artisans has allowed us to introduce a new concept of modern luxury through handmade products.

Our ever-growing philanthropic philosophy and commitment are at the core of everything we do. We maintain professional partnerships with over 200 female artisans from three different Indigenous Tribes: Wayuu, Mocana and Embera. In addition to providing them with work opportunities they would not otherwise have, we donate part of our proceeds to our artisans and their families to help feed their children and improve their quality of life.

Thanks for your support! These joint efforts help create sustainable income and ever-expanding opportunities for more people than you’ll ever know.

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