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Timeless pieces with a modern twist

From handmade mochila bags to earrings, to pom poms or decoration to your home, there is love in Luxchilas' inspired details. Inspiration is gathered from indigenous tribes ancestral techiques passed down from generation to generation and interpreted for the modern woman in a way that makes her feel one-of-a-kind like every Luxchilas piece she wears.

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Your support is very important

Luxchilas' handbags and accessories are individually handcrafted, creating sustainable income for indigenous artisans and their families in Colombia and around the world. When you purchase our products you help us help more families to thrive. Now you can buy our collection directly from one of our wholesale partners.

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Gifts That Give Back

If you are looking for a way to say thanks with a unique product, we've got you covered! Our bags and accessories are perfect for:

* Holiday Gifts

* Influencer Kits and Media Mailers

* Party Favors, Weddings and Bachelorette Parties

* Employee Appeciation

* Customer and Partner Gifts


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If you have a grateful heart and are looking for a good cause to give back, you are in the right place. These communities still live under precarious conditions and together we can make a difference in their lives. To date we have donated more than 15k meals, solar panels, groceries, school supplies, Christmas gifts, scholarships and more. Would you consider joining us? No donation is too small. We have partnered with a foundation to channel the Wayuu donations and to the other tribes we give directly through our company. Your generosity will help provide relief to the families that need it most. Thanks for your support!